about us

share the stoke


We've always kept things pretty simple - What makes riding, and a riding trip special, is how you share it, and who you share it with. The riding pretty much speaks for itself, so what REALLY matters is all the stuff we wrap around it - the attention to all the details before, during and after your trip.

Our history is unique and grounded firmly in delivering, and sharing stoke.

the beginnings

In 1996, the genesis of All Mountain Rides began, with founder – Phil Boorman –  organising expeditions in South America before expanding to all the continents in the world and eventually building private tailor made mountain biking experiences for people from all around the world.


Years are spent guiding hiking and riding trips in different parts of Europe and South America. Th eteam hone their craft at delivering mind-blowing experiences.

The backyard

Founder Phil sets up New Zealand Mountain Biking - multi-day singletrack adventures based in Rotorua New Zealand. The trip attracts the attention of influencer BKXC and the team at Worldwide Cyclery, who come to New Zealand and love it!

More exploration

In 2019, Founder Phil moves to the Italian Dolomites to ride, design adventures and make plans with the local riding gurus who know this region better than anyone.


With Covid 19 throwing the world into dissaray, Phil was forced to change tack, and becomes the marketing manager for Zerode Bikes.

we're back

We have reassembled the teams in Italy and Peru, and we're ready to get people riding our favourite trails in the world again.

Are you ready to come on the best riding trip ever?