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Extracurricular relations

Relationships are key to delivering amazing experiences, and we've worked with some incredible companies over the years. Our most important ones are below.

worldwide cyclery

After we ran a trip for Worldwide Cyclery founder Jeff Cayley back in 2019 he said ''That was THE best mountain biking trip I've ever take. Period. Where ever you go next Phil, we're coming''.

Worldwide Cyclery have changed what it means to be a mountain bike retailer. Ther customer service is outstanding, they have an incredible range of products and most importantly, they're simply a pleasure to deal with and a breat of fresh air in an industry that sometimes takes itself a little too seriously. We're proud to align oursleves with Jeff and his team. Tjeir YouTube videos are amazing too!

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Zerode Bikes

Phil is directly involved with Zerode, and has been a devoted gearbox proponent for a few years now.

At the heart of every Zerode Bike lies a Pinion gearbox—an internal drivetrain system that sets Zerode apart from run of the mill bikes.

Thousands of riders across the globe have sworn they’ll never go back to having a fragile, heavy rear cluster after experiencing a lighter, more stable and a little to no maintenance riding experience through all terrain and weather conditions.

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KETL mtn apparel

KETL MTN are on a mission to weave more fun into the world. The team at KETL MTN are a passionate bunch, made up of mountain-bikers, hikers, trail-runners, travelers & modern day adventurers. They're crafting the apparel they have always been craving and bringing it to the world.

Their eyes are set on bringing the world more fun & you along with us.

The goal is to die young - as late as possible.

Check out the great range of gear that KETL have produced.

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