Our crew

local. qualified. awesome

Our guides are local and have spent years discovering trails, building trails and contributing to their riding community. There's a lot of people behind the scenes who make a riding trip work like clockwork, but here are the people you'll meet on the ground.

Marco bassot


Marco is THE man on the ground in the Italian Dolomites. We're pretty sure there isn't a decent he hasn't done in this region. He's known for his endless energy, enthusiasm and also for embarking on hike-a-bike missions in nothing but his underwear (it does get warm in the Dolomites). Marco is also the owner of our main hotel in Dolomites, so you know you'll be well taken care of.

Robert Pacheco


A Cusco native, who has also resided in Lima and the U.S.A., Robert has been intrumental in opening up new trails in the Peruvian Andes. You can pretty much guarantee that any trail you'll ride in the Cusco area, he was responsible for making it accessible and epic. Robert has lived and breated mtn biking in Peru and we're lucky to have him as our guide on the ground.

Santosh Rai


Santosh started out as a raft guide, and later on, chose two wheels as his new vehicle. Santosh has been mountain biking professionally since 2002. Santosh has been a racer, mechanic and guide nationally and internationally. His passion is for exploration and finding new trails in all parts of Nepal and to work with our team to grow the Professional standard of Mountain Bike Guiding in Nepal.

In short, he's a legend!

Phil boorman

Hopelessly Vagrant

Phil currently can't decide if he's prefer to live in Italy, Peru, or New Zealand. So he's decided to hedge his bets and simply spend time in all three places, leads trips and avoid adulting for as long as he can. Phil has designed and lead adventure experiences all artound the world for his entire working life. He's also known for being really loud - so you can hear him before you can see him.

Are you ready to come on the best riding trip ever?